Noro Ito

Ito from Noro is a chunky and soft yarn of wool, which like the other NORO yarns is with long color changes.

Ito has a deliciously varied and exciting expression, with unevenness that gives a nice expression. The yarn changes colour naturally and modifies between light and dark tones, giving the finished knit a cool look.

Noro Ito is perfect for hats, mittens and soft sweaters on stick 5.0 mm.

Weight: 200 grams

Quality: 100% New Zealand wool
Knitting resistance (10 x 10 cm) = 13 x 18 m
Knitting needles #4.5 - 5 mm
Key with 200 g (about 400 m).
Sink at 30C / dried flat

Yarn consumption for women's shirt (M) about 600 grams

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