Frister for forsendelser:

Bestillinger modtaget inden kl. 14.00 (hverdage) afsendes samme dag.

(Bestilling af online gavekort på kan ske 24 timer i døgnet)

Vi tilbyder følgende leverings metoder i Danmark:
  • PostNord – Pakkeshop: 35,- kr./ (Gratis ved ordrer over 399,- kr.) –
  • PostNord – Levering til dør: 50,- kr. / (25,- kr. ved ordrer over 399,- kr.)
  • Leveringstid 1-2 dage. Normalt dag-til-dag levering til Pakkeshop
  • DAO – Pakkeshop: 49,- kr./ (24,- ved ordrer over 399,- kr.)
  • DAO – Levering til dør: 55,- kr. / (30,- kr. ved ordrer over 399,- kr.
  • Leveringstid 2-3 dage.
  • GLS – PakkeShop: 49,- kr. / (24,- kr. ved ordrer over 399,- kr.)
  • GLS – Levering til dør: 75,- kr. / (50,- kr. ved ordrer over 399,- kr.)
  • Leveringstid 2-3 dage.

Du kan efter aftale afhente dine varer på vores adresse: Kirkegade 14, baghuset, 6700 Esbjerg. Du vil modtage en mail når din bestilling er pakket.

Currency in this shop

By default prices are shown in DKK (Dansk Krone). On product pages you can view the price in EUR (Euro) as well.

At check-out prices will be shown in DKK, and the currency for your credit card payment will also be DKK.

EU customers

EU customers will be charged with Danish VAT.

Non-EU customers:

For customers outside the European Union, VAT and taxes will be charged by their local Tax authorities. When Kreativgarn has ensured that you as a customer fullfills the requirement for VAT deduction, the Danish VAT will be subtracted from the payment of your order, and you will receive an updated reciept.

Shipping to destinations outside Denmark :

We offer PostNord shipment to the EU and non-EU countries. Please see table below for shipping costs.

If your destination is not on the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

We don’t deliever or sell to Rusia and Belarus

Destination – (incl. shipping discount of 25 DKK for orders above 399 DKK)

Parcel shopHome delivery
Finland90 DKK125 DKK
Sweden75 DKK95 DKK
Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland75 DKK95 DKK
Destination – (with no shipping discount)
Parcel shopHome delivery
Faroe Islands190 DKK
Greenland*310 DKK
Norway *310 DKK
Austria, Albanien, Andorra, Armenien, Azerbajdzhan, Bosnien HerzegovinaBulgaria, Croatia, Cypres,
Georgien, Greece, Gibraltar, Czech Republic, Estonia,
Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kirgizistan, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco,
Nordmakedonien, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbien, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain(**), Tadzhikistan,
Turkmenistan, Tyrkiet, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
Great Britain (UK) *
230 DKK
Switzerland *, Australia*, New Zealand*310 DKK
USA*, Canada* – shipping cost for orders below 0,9 kg.
On check-out total weight will be calculated, and shipping cost shown.
280 DKK

*(reciever pays local customs fee/VAT)

(**) Special price will be calculated for Spanish islands.