Ito – Nabari #13

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Ito – Nabari #13

DKK 295,00

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Please note that the color of the yarn on your screen may differ from reality – contact me if in doubt.

Only 3 left in stock

Ito from Noro is a chunky and soft yarn of wool, which like the other NORO yarns is with long color changes.

Ito has a deliciously varied and exciting expression, with unevenness that gives a nice expression. The yarn changes colour naturally and modifies between light and dark tones, giving the finished knit a cool look.

Noro Ito is perfect for hats, mittens and soft sweaters on stick 5.0 mm.

Weight: 200 grams

Quality: 100% New Zealand wool
Knitting resistance (10 x 10 cm) = 13 x 18 m
Knitting needles #4.5 - 5 mm
Key with 200 g (about 400 m).
Sink at 30C / dried flat

Yarn consumption for women's shirt (M) about 600 grams

About NORO

According to Eisaku Noro, founder of NORO, Japanese people have always liked the heterogeneity of nature. This is the background to noro yarn's philosophy. Natural fibers have some special properties that man cannot replicate. Eisaku Noro wants to retain these properties in his yarn. When making woollen yarn, he uses different lengths and thicknesses of wool to produce a structure reminiscent of the disparate wool of the sheep. This is achieved by using handpower and old spinning machines so that the natural wool fiber is not over-treated.

Impurities in the wool are carefully removed by hand, without the use of chemical treatments. This is good both for the wool and especially for the environment.

All wool used in the production of the yarns is from organic farms in Australia, the Falklands and South Africa, among others. Designer and founder Eisaku Noro is personally involved in controlling all aspects of production, from visits to the farms to the machines used and dyeing processes. This is to ensure that the products are as eco-friendly as possible.

The treatment of the wool, such as friction and heat, weakens the fibers. By minimizing the treatment of the wool, one avoids destroying the structure of the wool, and at the same time it is of great benefit to the environment.

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